What are SmileDirectClub clear aligners?

We straighten your teeth gently and gradually with multiple sets of clear, thin, snug-fitting aligners, custom-designed and individually 3D-printed in BPA-free plastic.

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Why SmileDirectClub clear aligners?

Here are three great reasons. But the real
question is, why not?


Our custom clear aligners are easy to wear, and they straighten your teeth much faster than braces.


Our custom clear aligners are up to 60% less than braces.


Go ahead and take that selfie – our custom clear aligners are almost invisible.

Let's break it down.


Clear Aligners


Nighttime Clear Aligners™

Compared to

Traditional Braces

New smile time:
Avg. 6 months
New smile time:
Avg. 10 months
New smile time:
Avg. 18 months
22 hours per day
10 hours continuous nighttime wear
365 days a year
HK$14,500 or HK$650/month
HK$14,500 or HK$650/month
Avg HK$90,000


How do SmileDirectClub clear aligners work?

Our clear aligners gradually and gently shift your teeth to create a smile you'll love in as little as 6 months.

Here's how to get started:


Book a free SmileShop visit or order a remote impression kit for a 3D image of your teeth.


See a free 3D preview of your new smile and order your clear aligners.


Straighten your teeth at home in as little as 6 months.

Easy to clean.

Unlike braces, our custom clear aligners are removable for thorough cleaning with soap and water, vinegar and water, baking soda and water, peroxide and water, or retainer cleaner.

Easy to put in and take out.

Just ease them into your teeth and press them in place with your thumbs and index fingers. Don't bite down. Or use our Movemints to help gently seat your aligners and freshen your breath too.

Eat what you want.

Because our custom clear aligners are removable, you don't have to avoid any particular foods. Just take them out when you eat. Replace them after you brush your teeth.

Straighten your smile while you sleep.

Our new Nighttime Clear Aligners straighten your teeth while you sleep – a SmileDirectClub exclusive. Straighten your teeth with just 10 hours of continuous wear each night.